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Moving to a commercial studio - Fort Wayne Photographer

I did it!!! I have been hosting my studio out of my own home for the past 7 years and have finally made the jump to a commercial lease!!!!!!

So lets start at the beginning. We moved into our current home in 2015. When we first saw the space, both my husband and I agreed that the front "formal" living room would be where I housed my studio. This was so clients didn't have to travel all through the house to get to the shooting space like in our previous home. Now 5 years later I have outgrown the space.

(not to mention my kids really enjoy playing with all the props. One day I found my strobe light remote under one of their beds.....)

At the beginning of the year I started looking for a space outside of the home that fit my needs. I stumbled upon a listing for small office spaces and scheduled an appointment. 2 days later I signed the lease.

Then the fun part of getting the space prepped and ready for move in. Even though the space was on off white color. There were scuff marks and such across the surface so the whole room got a fresh coat of white paint. Once painting was finished, my Husband and Dad hung the backdrop system and shelving. Time to move in. It took 4 car loads and 2 truck loads to get everything to the studio. I still have a few things to complete and currently internet shopping for seating in the "waiting area". Be on the look out for a studio tour!!



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