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Welcome!! I'm so glad you found your way here :) My name is Cassandra (surprising huh?) but I grew up known as Cassi, feel free to call me either. 

I grew up in LaGrange, a small town about an hour north of Fort Wayne. Shortly after graduating high school, I moved to Fort Wayne where I met my amazing husband and  have been blessed with

3 beautiful blue eyed children.

I had always enjoyed capturing photographs and was raised on film.

The world went digital and my amazing parents gifted me my first point

and shoot camera one Christmas. I always had a camera with me

everywhere I went. I hadn't received my first dslr camera until my oldest

was a few months old. I fell in love with capturing all those amazing

moments and quickly joined forums and classes to improve my skills.

I eventually started offering my photography services to the public and

have been loving it ever since! 

I learned the value of a beautiful photograph at a young age, and my

children remind me daily why it is important. My goal is to create

amazing, timeless images at each stage of your life, that you and your

family will cherish forever. This is your legacy, make sure to capture it!

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